Safford Brown Buys Cars

How It Works

This process couldn’t be any easier, and you can start right from home. Fill out the online appraisal form to let us know a little bit about the car you’re looking to sell. From there, we’ll arrange for you to bring your car in for an appraisal, though that part of the process doesn’t require an appointment. We’re always happy to take walk-ins!

Whether you’re buying from us or just looking to sell with no-stings attached, the Safford Brown Buys Cars process will give you less hassle and more money earned. Not only can you expect a fair amount of value back for your older car, but you’ll also get several benefits when selling your vehicle here in Leesburg. Whether it’s any model from Hyundai that’s still in great shape, or any kind of car, truck, SUV, commercial vehicle or something else, we’ll consider it and offer a fair value.

With a quality vehicle, you can earn up to 130 percent of its Blue Book value back, and we’ll even go further by including a free vehicle history report with the car you’re selling. From there, we’ll allow you to take up to seven days or 250 miles on your car before you accept or reject our written offer, so you’ll have some extra time to mull things over. And whether you’re buying from us or not, you can expect your guaranteed payment in a quick and timely manner.

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Vehicle Trade-In Benefits

There’s a lot you can find here at our Leesburg, VA Hyundai dealership, from amazing deals on new and used cars, to reliable parts and service offerings. You’ll also find an amazingly easy car-selling process with our Safford Brown Buys Cars program, which offers a fair value back for your older Hyundai or any other kind of vehicle, even if you don’t plan on leasing or purchasing a new ride from us. We strive to make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible, so you’ll spend less time and experience less pressure when selling your older car to us here in Leesburg than you might at any of the area’s other dealerships or with private sales.

Of course it is when you’re using your older vehicle’s value toward your next purchase or lease that you’ll really benefit with our easy trade-in process. You’ll earn a fair value back for your trade-in, and when that value is applied toward your next new Hyundai lease or purchase, which has the obvious cost-savings benefits on the whole. But if you look closer, you’ll see advantages for saving on sales tax, which is only applied toward the difference between your trade-in value and your new car price. Additionally, when using a trade-in, you’ll have a lesser total cost to finance, which will save you considerably on interest rates over the course of your loan term.

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* Terms & Conditions
We will buy your car for 130% of fair market value after physical appraisal. We will base fair market value on a combination of KBB, MMR, Blackbook ,VAUTO, Vehicle History and actual physical condition. A “competitor’s written offer” qualifies if any franchised new car (OEM) dealer within 50 miles of a Safford Brown store gives you a bona fide written offer for your car, signed by an authorized manager, which you bring to us within 7 days or 250 miles of the date/mileage shown on the offer. Vehicles must be in reasonable condition and mechanically sound, have a clean Carfax report and may not be frame-damaged, lemon law buyback, TMU or odometer roll back, salvage, flood or branded title. Our price does not include taxes, tags or other fees. May not be bundled, included with financing or other offers or used to reduce outstanding debt. Clearance or close-out prices do not qualify. Copies of offers or advertisements will not be accepted. Does not include Ebay, Craigslist or other internet or price match listings.